The main goal of entering in world markets, firstly was for satisfying the increasing demand that the bee honey has in Europe, always fulfilling the quality requirements of this market; then, 60% of exported honey is approximately production characteristic of the company, the rest it is produced by small and medium Salvadoran beekeepers to which is made arrive, through a better price paid by its product, the benefits of being present in international markets.

When arriving our product at these markets is necessary a strict quality control, from the maintenance stages of the beehive to honey crop in field; including frequent visits to our suppliers` beehives. Then, in plant a careful process of cleaning is performed, without temperature changes, neither other procedures that affect its natural condition; also, the containers in that we export our honey are perfectly appropriate for it.

Experience Exporting:
Exporting since 1998 to Europe

COEXPORT: Corporation of Exporters from El Salvador.
AFIS Program, Chamber of Commerce of El Salvador.
• Coordination Cadena de Miel de El Salvador

Natural Honey of Bees, Multiflower type.
Presentation in 300 Kg NET Drums, 20 TM and 21 TM containers.
Honey Bee.
Honey Bee and Royal Jelly.
Honey Bee, Pollen and Royal Jelly.
Honey Bee, Propollis and Balsam.
Presentation: 350 gms. jars packed in cases of 24 jars.

Production Trends:





81.6 TM


102.0 TM


122.4 TM


142.8 TM


244.8 TM


224.4 TM

2004/2005 224.4 TM
2005/2006 367.2 TM
2006/2007 285.6 TM
2007/2008 285.6 TM

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