The name of our company is in behalf to the Archaeological Site also called "Joya de Cerén", which is located at a short distance from the plant; if observed, the company symbol is a sample of a Mayan pyramid. This place has a lot of importance due ancient culture vestiges found there, so much that it has been nominated as a Humanity Heritage Site by UNESCO.

"Mieles Joya de Cerén” was born as a company producing bee honey, already more than 20 years ago, only selling its products in the local market; but in the crop season 1998-1999, as their founder's initiative and General Manager, Mr. Humberto Avalos Ramírez opens up step in the international market and it is constituted as a bee honey Producer and Exporter, supplying the European market mainly.

Currently, in Mieles Joya de Cerén we feel satisfied, because an increment in sales has been experienced, so much in the quantities taken place by the company beehives, like in the one marketed with our suppliers, what is reflected in the widening of the international markets to those that we supply.

Then the mission continues as: to satisfy with our quality international markets, obtaining this way better prices, and sharing these benefits with the small and medium beekeepers that are our suppliers.


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